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Fredrica S. Friedman & Co., Inc. - Literary Management  


"Without Fredi Friedman I wouldn't have a book.  Her advice at every stage, from proposal to meetings with publishers, to promotion, was terrific.  She gives her authors a tremendous window into the book publishing world, and a roadmap for how to make it through that very elaborate maze.  She's a great guide and an invaluable resource and reality check for anyone who has a book to share with the world."
Larry Kramer
President and Publisher USA Today
"Savvy, spirited and tireless, Fredi Friedman is one of the best things that ever happened to me as an author.  Her marketing instincts are superb, her contract advice is invaluable, and her enthusiasm is like a tonic to a weary writer. I love having her in my corner!"
Diana Henriques
Newspaper and magazine journalist
"Since she came to visit me in Ronald Reagan's White House, Fredi Friedman has been my agent and negotiator for ten books, my editor, my adviser, and my friend.  The success I have had as an author is in large measure due to her.  She is the best."
Patrick J. Buchanan
Television commentator, magazine and newspaper columnist
"I know people always say 'I couldn't have done it without you,' but in this case it is literally true. I would never have written SEDUCING THE BOYS CLUB without Fredi. She'd heard me make a speech and I referenced this book I was writing. I'd been thinking about writing it for 5 years but that's all I did. Think about writing it. Fredi called me and inspired me to write the book. Then she marketed it brilliantly and we sold it to Random House.  Fredi is smart, unrelenting, totally supportive and a true friend. You can't say that about too many people in this world."
Nina DiSesa
Creative management consultant and Former Chairman and Chief Officer of McCann Erickson
"Fredi Friedman has been an excellent agent, wise counsel and friend.  She convinced me to go further than I planned with GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER; Benazir Bhutto's Assassination and the Politics of Pakistan, and she challenged me to write a much better book than I might otherwise have produced.  When I do another book, she will be again my agent with absolute certainty.
Heraldo Munoz
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile
"Fredi Friedman is the best. Her creative insights, attention to detail and dogged determination are unmatched in the publishing industry."  
David Smick
Chairman & CEO, Johnson Smick International, Inc.
Founder and Editor, The International Economy Magazine
"Fredrica Friedman is the literary agent's literary agent.  Having many years in the field, when I began to write my own books I knew exactly whom I wanted to represent me.  Her thorough knowledge of publishing, and her background in creating best sellers, were the professional qualities I wanted, but it is Ms. Friedman's unfailing politeness, her kindness toward authors and subordinates, that I needed to have an enduring relationship with the person representing my books.  I count her as one of the pillars I rely on to keep my career and confidence on firm ground."
Frances Kuffel
Social media consultant
"Fredi is a brilliant agent, utterly dedicated to the success of her clients. Her enthusiasm can get you through the trickiest trials that writing throws at you. It's an honor to work with someone so professional, good humored and intelligent."
Tim Stanley
Historian, and journalist for the Daily Telegraph