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Fredrica S. Friedman & Co., Inc. - Literary Management  


Fredrica S. Friedman & Co., Inc. is committed to building our authors' global sales, and careers, in every market abroad, and in whatever languages are appropriate.  Thus our authors' books regularly appear in multiple markets and translations.

In these situations, we work with our foreign rights representatives to determine the best compleat offer, including advance, payout, royalties and other percentages, to benefit each author for his work and to build her career long-term in that market.


A number of books represented by Fredrica S. Friedman and Co. Inc. have been optioned for film and television. We aggressively market to agents in that area, and managers, executives and producers with whom we have continuing relationships in Los Angeles and New York. Our authors' books have become big-budget Hollywood blockbusters and HBO movies from independent producers. In every instance, we are involved in the negotiation process to ensure the most advantageous terms for our clients and to protect their long-term rights to these individual properties.