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Barton Biggs  

Barton Biggs

#1 "Best Finance and Investing Book" Editors!

Biggs wields a mighty pen, often moving markets with judgments offered in a graceful, witty prose. Barron’s

[HEDGEHOGGING] evokes the 'agony and ecstasy' of the frenetic and highly competitive world of hedge funds...funny and sobering. The Mail on Sunday

Biggs, one of Wall Street's biggest stars... lays out in WEALTH, WAR & WISDOM the steps [to] take in times of war and other major upheavals. The Boston Globe

With newspaper headlines dominated by the credit crisis, and with big banking names perceived to be under threat…all investors need to consider Mr. Biggs's advice. The Economist

Patrick J. Buchanan  

Patrick J. Buchanan
NIXON'S WHITE HOUSE WARS: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever
THE GREATEST COMEBACK: How Richard Nixon Rose from Defeat to Create the New Majority
SUICIDE OF A SUPERPOWER: Will America Survive to 2025?
CHURCHILL, HITLER, AND THE UNNECESSARY WAR: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World
DAY OF RECKONING: How Hubris, Ideology, and Greed are Tearing America Apart
STATE OF EMERGENCY: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America
WHERE THE RIGHT WENT WRONG: How Neoconservatives Subverted the Reagan Revolution and Hijacked the Bush Presidency
THE DEATH OF THE WEST: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization

All New York Times Bestsellers!
Washington Post Bestsellers!
Publishers Weekly Bestsellers!

Pat Buchanan is the most influential public intellectual in America today. David Brooks, The New York Times

Buchanan can write, and he knows how to provoke. His foreign policy prescriptions are not likely to be adopted by the nominee of either major party... but they deserve a wide hearing in American politics. The New York Times

Buchanan is an honest writer who opens his mind and psyche in a way few people can... He minces nothing except an occasional opponent. The Philadelphia Inquirer
Susan Butler  

Susan Butler
ROOSEVELT AND STALIN: Portrait of a Partnership 
MY DEAR MR. STALIN: The Complete Correspondence of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph V. Stalin

An ambitious new portrait of the partnership that saved the world from Nazi tyranny . . . A powerful book; an irresistible read. Boston Globe

Franklin Roosevelt's relationship with Joseph Stalin has been well plumbed by historians, but Butler brings intimacy and texture to the topic . . . few will deny the pleasure her book provides. Foreign Affairs

History owes a debt to Susan Butler for the collection and annotation of these exchanges. Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

[Susan Butler] shows considerable insight [into the] friendship between the Hudson Valley aristocrat educated at Groton, Harvard, and Columbia, and the son of a drunken Georgian cobbler. The New Republic

Christopher Ciccone  

Christopher Ciccone

#2 New York Times Bestseller!
#1 London Times Bestseller!
Sold in more than two dozen foreign countries! 
Ciccone, who worked closely with his older sibling for years, serves some tasty morsels of madness. For sun worshippers in need of a good beach read, it's hard to beat.  Entertainment Weekly
The breathless tell-all from the Material Girl's brother -- couldn't have been more fortuitously timed.  Time Magazine
This is the best book ever written about Madonna. The London Times


Kellyanne Conway
Celinda Lake


Kellyanne Conway
Celinda Lake
WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT: How American Women Are Quietly Erasing Political, Racial, Class, and Religious Lines to Change the Way We Live

Renowned Washington pollsters Lake and Conway…seek to discover what makes American women tick, and their insights are both startling and edifying. The San Francisco Chronicle

A new book by two women pollsters, Democrat Celinda Lake and Republican Kellyanne Conway, WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT …presents an interesting new paradigm for assessing where American women are today. CBS News

[Conway and Lake’s] research does reflect opinions and behaviors that have the potential to transform American political culture. The Los Angeles Times

The portrait that Lake and Conway coax from their numbers will be illuminating and fascinating for women and their partners.  WHAT WOMEN REALLY WANT will also be an important resource for marketers and political campaigns.  The Washington Post

* Counselor to President Donald J. Trump, 2017

Tom Crisp  

Tom Crisp
THE BOOK OF BOB: Choice Words, Memorable Men
THE BOOK OF BILL: Choice Words, Memorable Men

Yes, at long last , a book filled with the musings of great guys named Bob. The Courier Journal

So, who wrote this charming book... Who can I congratulate for taking a serious look at Bobs all over the world? It must be another proud Bob. Right? Wrong! Tom Crisp wrote this fascinating collection.  Bob Frisk, The Daily Herald

Churchill once wrote: “Quotations when engraved upon the memory give you good thoughts.” The same might be said of Tom Crisp’s BOOK OF BILL.  Bill Hamilton, The Sackville Tribune Post

Nina DiSesa  

Nina DiSesa
SEDUCING THE BOYS CLUB: Uncensored Tactics from a Woman at the Top

National Bestseller!

[A] candid, opinionated, and shrewd memoir... there can be no doubt of the truth of the experiences she describes. The New York Times

DiSesa's spirited voice, honed by years of ad writing, leads the reader through the lessons she learned... Hers is an entertaining, fast-paced, and useful read. Conde Nast

Priceless? Maybe. Provocative? Absolutely. The Minneapolis Star Tribune
Amitai Etzioni  

Amitai Etzioni
SECURITY FIRST: For a Muscular, Moral Foreign Policy
NEW COMMON GROUND: A New America, A New World

An important, must-read book for the rising leadership in the United State, as it prepares for the crucial elections, a time for change from the status quo, and for America’s friends around the world. Shuja Nawaz, former Director, International Atomic Energy Agency

After foreign policy disasters from Rwanda to 9-11 to the Iraq War, alternatives to realist, liberal, and neoconservatives shibboleths are desperately needed. SECURITY FIRST offers a distinctive approach that can help America forge a new path. Clifford Bob, author of The Marketing of Rebellion

Eamonn Fingleton  

Eamonn Fingleton
IN THE JAWS OF THE DRAGON: America's Fate in the Coming Era of Chinese Hegemony

Eamonn Fingleton demonstrates once again why his analyses of modern capitalism deserve serious attention. He identifies the elements of China's business model that depart sharply from easy Western assumptions -- and he lays out the consequences of seeing China the way outsiders would like it to be, rather than the way it is.  James Fallows, The Atlantic Monthly.

The more heavily that U.S. media conglomerates invest in China, the more vulnerable they become to Chinese pressure to censor their reportage. As Fingleton shows, what we don't know can hurt us. This is a fascinating book with truly unique insights. Pat Choate, author of Agents of Influence

Rodes Fishburne

National Bestseller!
Amazon Significant Seven Selection
Indie Next List Notable Book

Delightfully visual, full of whimsy, adventure, and blithely caustic social commentary.  Booklist (Starred Review)
Rodes Fishburne is a marksman hunting down first-novel fame, and he never misses. Tom Wolfe
Fishburne’s a fantacist, and his sweet comic novel is as light as a bright balloon, and just as appealing.  USA Today

Lucinda Fleeson  

Lucinda Fleeson
WAKING UP IN EDEN: In Pursuit of an Impassioned Life on an Imperiled Hawaiian Island

National Bestseller!
Take one part coming-of-middle-age memoir, stir in an environmental storyline, add a dose of gardening... and you’ve got a recipe for a sweet life, the “impassioned life” that each of us searches for.  And deserves.  The Philadelphia Inquirer
...a spirited and daring pilgrimage that is both revelatory and enlightening.  Booklist
Timeless message.  Carolyn See in The Washington Post

Jeff Gammage  

Jeff Gammage
CHINA GHOSTS: My Daughter's Journey to America, My Passage to Fatherhood

[A] moving geographic and psychological odyssey to China... Gammage's dramatic account will be a boon to prospective parents who follow in his footsteps. USA Today

Gammage's beautifully written memoir... weaves together emotionally wrenching narrative with insightful social commentary. The Philadelphia Inquirer

The most informative and heartfelt book I’ve read about the adoption of girls from China. Lisa See, author of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Norton Garfinkle  

Norton Garfinkle
A JUST AND GENEROUS NATION: Abraham Lincoln and the Fight for American Opportunity (with Harold Holzer)
THE AMERICAN DREAM VS. THE GOSPEL OF WEALTH: The Fight for a Productive Middle-Class Economy
UNITING AMERICA: Restoring the Vital Center to American Democracy
(Editor with Dan Yankelovitch)

You may think nothing could change your view of Lincoln. Think again. This cogently argued and elegantly written book may do exactly that. Its tracing of a coherent line of economic thought straight through from young Abe to Barack Obama makes an engaging read. Alan S. Blinder, author of After the Music Stopped: The Financial Crisis, the Response, and the Work Ahead, and former Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve

Sticking with fiscal discipline, rewarding hard work, investing in our people, and growing a strong middle class -- Norton Garfinkle addresses these important economic issues… to maintain the American Dream for future generations. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

The most important book I've read in years. Bill Moyers

Georgie Ann Geyer  

Georgie Anne Geyer
WHEN CATS REIGNED LIKE KINGS: On the Trail of the Sacred Cats

Ms. Geyer’s colorful history illuminates the noble cats of ages past and their progression to more egalitarian American felines. Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski

It is to be expected that one of the sterling foreign correspondents of her time treats cats like reigning potentates. Geyer has printed a fascinating portrait of the lavish world of cats in foreign and ancient lands. Robert Novak

A fascinating trip into that cat world from one cool-cat writer. Paul Duke, PBS Washington Week in Review
Joshua Goldstein

Joshua Goldstein
THE WOUNDS WITHIN: A Veteran, a PTSD Therapist, and a Nation Unprepared (with Mark Nickerson)
WINNING THE WAR ON WAR: The Decline of Armed Conflict Worldwide
THE REAL PRICE OF WAR: How You Pay for the War on Terror

Nickerson's resilient quest to learn more about PTSD is inspirational, heartfelt and genuine. No blame games, just a positive focus on solutions. THE WOUNDS WITHIN is and will remain timeless. Brig. Gen. (ret.) Colleen McGuire, director, U.S. Army Suicide Prevention Task Force, 2008-12

A powerful family drama and a reminder of the price veterans pay long after the fighting ends. Oliver Stone, director, Platoon, and Born on the Fourth of July

WINNING THE WAR ON WAR reveals the greatest untold story of the past two decades-that contrary to popular impressions, war has become substantially rarer and less dangerous... This book could change the understanding of policy makers, opinion leaders, and a wide readership. Steven Pinker, Professor of Psychology, Harvard University; author of Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined

Does what no other book has attempted, providing a synoptic view, and narrative, of the slow but successful evolution of UN peacekeeping. Paul Kennedy, Professor of History, Yale University; author of The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers.


Victoria Hallerman
HOW WE SURVIVED PROSTATE CANCER: What We Did and What We Should Have Done

More than just a personal memoir, this tour of duty from the wife of a prostate cancer survivor is packed with critical information... Hallerman is unflinching regarding their mortal and marital crises, and explicit in her advice… Moving and highly useful.  Publishers Weekly (Starred review)

This book is a candid portrayal of the effect that the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer can have on a significant other. Filled with excellent resources.  E. Darracott Vaughan, Jr., M.D., New-York Presbyterian Hospital

Beautifully written--what else would you expect from a poet?--and incredibly helpful. Marc Silver, author of Breast Cancer Husband

Donna Hanover  

Donna Hanover
MY BOYFRIEND’S BACK: Fifty True Stories of Reconnecting with a Long-Lost Love

New York Times Bestseller (extended list)!

For anyone who believes in happy endings, MY BOYFRIEND’S BACK is an inspiration. Ellen Levine, Good Housekeeping

What a triumph! MY BOYFRIEND’S BACK is witty, engaging, and a sheer delight to read. Liz Smith


Diana Henriques
THE WIZARD OF LIES:  Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust
A FIRST-CLASS CATASTROPHE: The Road to Black Monday, the Worst Day in Wall Street History

New York Times Bestseller (hardcover, and e-book)!
Publishers Weekly Bestseller! 
Gerald Loeb Award Finalist
IRE Finalist
FT/Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Nominee

Riveting reading. . . . [Henriques] probably knows more than anyone outside the FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission about the mechanics of the fraud. As a consequence, in THE WIZARD OF LIES she is able to add significant detail to the story. . . . In the end the story holds us not because of the engrossing details of the scam, but because of the human dimension. The New York Times Book Review

Henriques offers an impressive, meticulously reported postmortem not only of the Ponzi scheme but also of Madoff's entire career. . . . THE WIZARD OF LIES is the definitive book on what Madoff did and how he did it. Bloomberg Businessweek

Cogent and well researched. Financial Times

Many revelations in Diana Henriques’ stunning new book THE WIZARD OF LIES:  Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust…masterful narrative. Reuters


Harold Holzer
A JUST AND GENEROUS NATION: Abraham Lincoln and the Fight for American Opportunity (with Norton Garfinkle)

Holzer and Garfinkle have written a stimulating book, remarkable in its ability to make pragmatism work in the service of principle. The New York Times Book Review

Harold Holzer and Norton Garfinkle provide an important public service by reminding us that Lincoln's hatred of slavery and devotion to the Union rested on a bedrock belief that free society and activist democratic government could offer free laborers the opportunity to rise up the social ladder, and by showing that in our time of rising inequality, that promise is in danger of being betrayed. Eric Foner, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery

Harold Holzer and Norton Garfinkle's concise study brilliantly shows all the ways the modern Republican Party has trashed the legacy of Abraham Lincoln--not only on racial justice but on the economics of the American dream. Here is exacting and responsible history put to good purpose, dispelling the amnesia and the myths that plague our public life. Sean Wilentz, author of The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln


Larry Kramer
C-SCAPE:  Conquer the Forces Changing Business Today

Print journalist, digital media entrepreneur, TV network executive, director of new and old media companies - who could be more qualified than Larry Kramer to lay out the landscape of the upcoming digital media world? Michael Wolff 

A deeply useful and even revolutionary concept that will reshape the thought process for any entrepreneur. The Daily Beast

As a one-time competitor to Larry Kramer, I want to pay him the highest compliment possible: His observations reflect a deep understanding of how the media works and what consumers want. Jim Cramer  

No one else has Larry’s experience and success across all media forms - new and old. Tina Brown

Frances Kuffel  

Frances Kuffel
LOVESICK: A Memoir of Searching for Mr. Good Enough
PASSING FOR THIN: Losing Half My Weight and Finding My Self
ANGRY FAT GIRLS: 5 Women, 500 Pounds, and a Year of Losing It... Again
EATING ICE CREAM WITH MY DOG: A True Story of Food, Friendship, and Losing Weight...Again (paperback)

[Kuffel’s] writing is as clear and sharp as broken glass.  A glorious read.  The New York Times

Kuffel’s narrative never flags in intimacy, honesty, or compassion.  With keen humor and disarming skill, Kuffel introduces readers to the most private moments... [The] conclusion should prove unforgettable for anyone who has struggled with self esteem or addiction issues.  Publishers Weekly

Inspiring... brazenly intimate... offers a powerful rebuff to anyone who believes that people can't change.  USA Today

Melissa McConnell  

Karen LeFrak


I have met Jake backstage at the Philharmonic, and he is a friendly dog with heroic qualities, like Snoopy, Toto, Nana, and Old Yeller, worthy of a book. Garrison Keillor

Open these books to raise the curtain on the wonderful world of the arts.  Mikhail Baryshnikov

Karen LeFrak raises and shows the most beautiful Standard Poodles. BEST IN SHOW is fun, highly informative and instructive for any dog fancier. Martha Stewart

Alanna Levine  

Alanna Levine, M.D.
RAISING A SELF-RELIANT CHILD: A Back-to-Basics Parenting Plan from Birth to Age 6

Dr. Alanna Levine's book is not only timely but also crucial for our children's emotional health and well-being. Our ultimate parenting goal is to raise independent, well-adjusted kids who can someday live without us. Dr. Levine's book will give parents the knowledge and tools to do so. Michele Borba, author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions

Ken Marlin  

Ken Marlin
THE MARINE CORPS WAY TO WIN ON WALL STREET: 11 Key Principles from Battlefield to Boardroom

In THE MARINE CORPS WAY TO WIN ON WALL STREET, Ken Marlin lays out a compelling vision to improve Wall Street by returning to solid core values like taking the long view, behaving with honor, delivering excellence and working for a cause greater than money. Joe Mansueto, CEO of Morningstar; owner, Inc. and Fast Company

The attributes and virtues that have brought success to the Marine Corps since 1775 - honor, commitment, sacrifice, adherence to standards, striving to achieve a common purpose, unparalleled individual and organizational expertise, and team work - are not exclusive to Marines. They will work in almost any endeavor and especially on Wall Street. Ken Marlin hit a home run in describing just how that can and should be done. Lt. General Robert R. Blackman, Jr., CEO, Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

Ken Marlin's book, THE MARINE CORPS WAY TO WIN ON WALL STREET, should be required reading by CEOs on Main Street as well as bankers on Wall Street – and those who would do business with them. The parallels between the Marine Corps teaching and success in the competitive financial sector are real. I've seen it first-hand. Michael Geltzeiler, CFO ADT and former CFO New York Stock Exchange

Melissa McConnell  

Melissa McConnell

Melissa McConnell writes with the nuance and control of a true insider. The New Yorker

I found EVIDENCE OF LOVE mesmerizing. The prose -- at once elegiac, ironic and ambiguous -- is an engine that drives McConnell's complicated tale with terrific acceleration. John Lahr

This first novel is a beautifully written story questioning what we really know about those we love and lyrically detailing the loss of love and the grieving process. Booklist
Dominique Mielle  

Dominique Mielle
DAMSEL IN DISTRESSED: My Life in the Golden Age of Hedge Funds

DAMSEL IN DISTRESSED is an often-hilarious romp through the jungles of high finance…I suspect it will become a classic of the genre.” Wall Street Journal

One of the first woman traders in the hedge fund industry has written a lively and witty memoir that captures what it’s like to work – and succeed – in the male-dominated eat-what-you-kill profession. Hedge Fund Alert



David Moats  

David Moats
CIVIL WARS: The Battle for Gay Marriage

Notable Book of the Year: American Library Association!

CIVIL WARS comes at the right moment…[Moats] tells the story on a human scale, writing about individuals rather than trends, and wisely avoids ideological biases. The New York Times Book Review

Moats won a Pulitzer Prize for his editorials on the issue, and CIVIL WARS tells a compelling, emotionally moving story. The Washington Post

An important contribution to the history of civil rights in the United States. Publishers Weekly (starred review)
Heraldo Munoz  

Heraldo Muñoz
GETTNG AWAY WITH MURDER: Benazir Bhutto's Assassination and the Politics of Pakistan

This is a chilling account of deceit, corruption and murder at the highest levels of power in Pakistan, an American ally. A carefully researched and compelling tale of tragedy masked as a government. Tom Brokaw

Muñoz has written a brilliant, incisive and page turning book—the last word on Benazir Bhutto's assassination. The murder of Benazir Bhutto shook a nation and the world but until now there has never been an authoritative explanation as to how and why she died.  Ahmed Rashid, author of Pakistan on the Brink: The Future of America, Pakistan, and Afghanistan

The book is essential reading for all who want to understand more about the state of Pakistan and the fate of one of its most talented daughters. Helen Clark, administrator of UNDP and former prime minister of New Zealand

* President elect Michelle Bachelet of Chile, in January 2014, nominated The Honorable Heraldo Muñoz as the country's new Minister of Foreign Affairs.  Muñoz has served as UN Assistant Secretary-General and UNDP Director for Latin America and the Caribbean since May 2010.

Phong Nguyen  

Phong Nguyen

Phong Nguyen takes on American history and literature in this captivating novel. Writing about a marginal character in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, he illuminates the marginal characters of American culture in the 19th century. The imaginative return of an adult Tom Sawyer is alone worth the price of this book. Viet Thanh Nguyen, author of The Sympathizer, winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize

Funny, smart, and full of surprises. Christine Sneed, author of Paris, He Said

Mordant, hilarious and eminently readable. Zachary Mason, author of The Lost Books of the Odyssey

Ben Philippe  

Ben Philippe

William C. Morris YA Debut Award Winner!

A witty debut with whip-smart dialogue that will find much love among fans of authors like John Green and Jason Reynolds. School Library Journal (Starred Review)

In Philippe’s funny debut, 16-year-old black French-Canadian Norris Kaplan must navigate life and love in Austin, Tex., after he and his mother move there... Philippe has a gift for dialogue and touches on a few instances of racism with sensitivity and humor in this crowd-pleaser. Publishers Weekly

I suspect, though, that [THE CATCHER IN THE RYE] wouldn’t be such a phenomenon if it debuted today… It’s no longer tenable to imagine that the anxieties of a white heterosexual young man expelled from an expensive prep school capture the spirit of our era. Today’s snarky young anti-hero instead looks like Norris, the black French Canadian boy in THE FIELD GUIDE TO THE NORTH AMERICAN TEENAGER. Ron Charles, The Washington Post

Dr. Leon Root  

Leon Root, M.D.
BEAUTIFUL BONES WITHOUT HORMONES: The All-New Natural Diet and Exercise Program to Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis

Dr. Root writes in the clearest and most informative way. He has a book that anyone who even suspects that he or she has osteoporosis -- and that is a great number of us -- should immediately read. Barbara Walters

An eye-opening account of a very serious disease, osteoporosis, by a thoughtful leader in the field. Tim McCarver, Fox Sports

Do we need this book? Yes, yes, yes! It’s packed with information you won’t find anywhere else. Helen Gurley Brown, Cosmopolitan International

Sadia Shepard  

Sadia Shepard
THE GIRL FROM FOREIGN: A Search for Shipwrecked Ancestors, Forgotten Histories, and a Sense of Home

National Bestseller!
In this elegantly crafted memoir, the author sets out to fulfill her grandmother's dying wish that she learn about her heritage... her writing is vivid and her meditations on heritage and grief are moving.  The New Yorker  
Besides being a personal memoir and a portrait of a family that includes the world's three major monotheistic religions, THE GIRL FROM FOREIGN is a rich tapestry of theology, art, emotions, and forgotten lore... in the author's laudable accomplishment. The Washington Post

David Silver  

David Silver
THE SOCIAL NETWORK BUSINESS PLAN: 18 Strategies That Will Create Great Wealth
SMART STARTUPS: How Entrepreneurs and Corporations can Profit by Starting Online Communities

If entrepreneurship is a religion, then Silver is its high priest.  USA Today
David’s book gives you a blueprint for succeeding in the future.  Bob Crull, founder and CEO,
For anyone interested in developing, building, and operating a social network, you need David Silver's book as a flight instruction manual. David brings his wealth of experience in online marketing, technology, and finance in this essential book.  Eric Targan, founder and CEO, BTC Interactive

David Smick  

David Smick
THE WORLD IS CURVED: Hidden Dangers to the Global Economy

New York Times Business Book Bestseller!
New York Times Poli-Book Bestseller!
New York Times Bestseller (extended list)!
Business Week Bestseller!
Wall Street Journal "Top Five Business Books"
Axiom Gold Medal for Best Book on International Business/Globalization
U.S. Chamber of Commerce list of “Books that Drive the Debate

THE WORLD IS CURVED is an essential read for those who wish to understand the workings, politics, and distresses of the global financial system.  David Smick has done an outstanding job.  Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board
Astonishingly prescient.  David Brooks, The New York Times
David Smick understands, as few do, that international finance depends on politics and passions as much as on policies.  Agree or disagree, his sense of where we have been and where we are going deserves close attention.  Lawrence H. Summers, former Secretary of the Treasury
Eerily prescient.  David Ignatius, The Washington Post

One of the top three books on the financial crisis. President Bill Clinton

Annie Spiegelman  

Annie Spiegelman
TALKING DIRT: The Dirt Diva's Guide to Organic Gardening

While offering plenty of sound and sensible organic gardening advice, Spiegelman lightens the load with quippy asides and pithy observations that make the reading experience feel more like a casual conversation with a good, green-thumbed friend than a lecture from a stuffy horticulturist. All joking aside, it’s evident Spiegelman knows whereof she speaks. Booklist
It's hard to resist a gardening book that's both chock-full of information and fun to read. Nell Newman, cofounder and president of Newman's Own Organics

Timothy Stanley  

Timothy Stanley
CITIZEN HOLLYWOOD: How the Exchange of Favors Between LA Stars and DC Presidents Revolutionized Politics

CITIZEN HOLLYWOOD is a very good read and digs quite deep, with sharp cultural and political analysis and relevant interviews. Stanley provides texture and depth on the nexus of Hollywood entertainment and Washington politics, both conservative and liberal, and offers a sobering critique of the president as 'leading man.' Brian Neve, author of Film and Politics in America 

Tempered by a soupçon of cynicism and delivered with more than a dollop of snark, Stanley's inquiry reveals both how our politicians have become carefully packaged products and the depth of Hollywood's impact upon democracy. Booklist 

Smart and far-ranging.... Stanley's book is witty and entertaining, and does a thorough job of illustrating the ways in which Hollywood works Washington, the ways Washington works Hollywood, and the ways both are subject to the surprisingly unpredictable whims of the American public. National Review

Annie Spiegelman  

Patrice Tanaka
BECOMING GINGER ROGERS: How Ballroom Dancing Made Me a Happier Woman, a Better Partner and Smarter CEO

BECOMING GINGER ROGERS is a timely exploration of the problems faced by high-flying modern women, as well as a persuasive manifesto for the sheer joy of dance. Dance Today

Tanaka's toe-tapping tale of how she awakens to the rhythms of her body and learns to dance through her mistakes — at work as well as in the ballroom — shines with inspiration. It may even send you off to buy a sequined dress and some Ginger Rogers shoes of your own. Alice Schroeder, author of The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

David Tutera  

David Tutera
BIG BIRTHDAYS: The Party Planner Celebrates Life's Milestones
AMERICA ENTERTAINS: A Year of Imaginative Parties

David Tutera creates something so fabulous: he is the artist of developing fantasies into realities. Page Davis, Trading Spaces

A party planner to the stars, Tutera presents how-to entertaining books that are lush and appealing… for anyone hoping to throw unforgettable bashes. Publishers Weekly

David has exquisite taste, incomparable style and flair. Star Jones
Alan Wolfe  

Alan Wolfe

Wolfe is the most interesting public intellectual in the country. His disturbing book provides rich food for thought about the future of our polity. Stanford Levinson, University of Texas Law School

A startling, devastating critique of contemporary American democracy from one of the country’s most measured and respected social and political thinkers. Thomas E. Mann, Brookings Institution

DOES AMERICAN DEMOCRACY STILL WORK? will be widely read, ardently debated, and highly influential. Martin Shefter
Dan Yankelovitch  

Dan Yankelovitch
PROFIT WITH HONOR: The New Stage of Market Capitalism
UNITING AMERICA: Restoring the Vital Center to American Democracy
(Editor with Norton Garfinkle)

This is the one book that every Chairman and CEO must read this year. Ged Davis, World Economic Forum

Rarely a new book comes along in which nearly every sentence deserves underlining. Such books are essential, and wise…. PROFIT WITH HONOR is such a book. The Christian Science Monitor

Americans tired of both Republican and Democratic bromides will find much to think about in this collection of centrist thinking.  Morris P. Fiorina, author of Culture War? The Myth of a Polarized America

Tanya Zuckerbrot  

Tanya Zuckerbrot
THE F-FACTOR DIET: Discover the Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

Enjoy healthful, delicious foods on a sustainable diet that will shed pounds, boost energy, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. New York Daily News

Eat more, weigh less. The Washington Post

The book is ideal for urbanites- as it includes extensive options for eating out. The New York Post

The F-Factor Diet helped me lower my cholesterol and lose 90 pounds. This is the best I have felt in years! Brian Dennehy, Tony Winner
Lowell Norman   Lowell Norman
ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY: Stories, Photos, and Other Memories of My 25 Years Traveling with John Denver
(Weldon Owen/Insight Editions)
Patrick Wohl   Patrick Wohl
DOWN BALLOT: How a Local Campaign Became a National Referendum on Abortion and What it Means Today
(University of Illinois Press)